Next stable gnucash, 1.8.10?

Christian Stimming stimming at
Thu Sep 30 07:04:41 EDT 2004

Dear all,

I would like to ask for a new release of the stable gnucash branch. That would 
be a gnucash-1.8.10. 

There have been plenty of changes in the 1-8-branch, plus a whole lot of 
translation updates. The HEAD branch and gnome2 branch both had plenty of 
changes, too, but AFAIK none of them made huge progress in terms of 
stability. I would therefore propose to have yet another 1.8 release within 
the next weeks, e.g. on Oct 10th or Oct 17th, so that at least the latest 
bugfixes and translation updates are out of the door. IMHO the 1-8-branch 
doesn't need any further polishing before a new release -- it could directly 
be packed up in a new release. So it would not mean any additional work for 
us except for wilddev's release tasks. But at least the latest bugfixes and 
translation updates would be available for a larger audience. (Oh, and my 
HBCI changes would be available to a larger audience, too. Which is a good 
thing, because for an increasing number of German banks the new hbci library 
is required. Personal itch scratching...)

What do people think? As soon as we decide on a new release date, I will 
upload the translation template as 1.8.10-pre to the Translation Project.


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