Next stable gnucash, 1.8.10?

Chris Lyttle chris at
Thu Sep 30 23:48:31 EDT 2004

I'm willing to at least try to do this on my x86_64 system (with help of
course!). Dunno if it'll be more hassle than its worth for the real
dev's, but if you are willing to answer my stupid questions like 'what
to look for' then I'll give it a go. I would like to push a release off
until the end of oct tho to give me a chance to do at least a bit to get
gnucash to compile and run on x86_64. Damm to many things to do and not
enough hours in the day...


On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 15:15, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Herbert Thoma <tma at> writes:
> >> PS: It would also be nice if we could get the code compiling on x86_64
> >> before the 1.8.10 release -- anyone with an x86_64 platform running a
> >> 64-bit linux willing to help port the code?
> >
> > I have a Athlon64 with SuSE 9.1 at work. I can try to compile and send
> > bug reports next week. I cannot promise to do much porting work myself,
> > though.
> That's the problem -- we need someone who can feed us patches.  I dont
> have time to deal with it myself, but I do have the time (I hope) to
> commit patches to CVS.  Right now the problem is that
> string_to_gnc_numeric() returns a gchar* but code in
> backend/file/(something) is trying to cast that to a gboolean.
> Apparantly all the other string_to_FOO() functions return gboolean (or
> gnc_numeric is the first one handled in the file).
> -derek
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