c.shoemaker at c.shoemaker at
Tue Feb 15 17:26:44 EST 2005

[This is my 4th attempt to send this mail to the list.  I've
unsubscribed and re-subscribed now.  Sorry if there are multiple

I was trying to use gtk-tree-model-account-types when I discovered
some bugs that strongly suggest that I'm the first to use this code.
Therefore, I'm also thinking about some design modifications along the
lines of:

  1) make a function that returns a static
gnc_tree_model_account_types, since it would never change at runtime
and then all views could share the same model.
  2) make some helpers that map between bitmasks of account types and

I think that would nicely handle the case where I want to allow a
selection of a subset of all account types.  AFAICS, the only reason
to allow multiple instances of the model is to allow views that rely
on a variable model column to display selection state in some custom
manner.  I'm thinking of something like a column of checkboxes.

But, any caller willing to use the builtin multiple selection
representations (GtkTreeSelection) should be fine with the "master" model.

Any thoughts?


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