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Neil Williams linux at
Sat Feb 19 10:01:54 EST 2005

On Saturday 19 February 2005 7:53 am, Hal Goldfarb wrote:
> autoupdate

?? autoupdate? Shouldn't that be ./ ?

Read the README.cvs and use the sample autogen command from there.

> One more thing:  I know that you have to install the *-devel packages for
> everything to work correctly.  But I also had problems with doing that. 

I've got a list of dependencies required to build GnuCash from CVS on my own 
site - Debian based list.

> For instance, when I was running configure from the tarball, not doing my
> own autoconf, it would complain that it could not find -libgal, but it is
> in fact installed (libgal23, in fact).  Go ahead, fill me in.


libgal is not the devel package, that's libgal-dev! Install the devel package!


Neil Williams

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