Build Problems

Hal Goldfarb halg at
Sat Feb 19 11:29:46 EST 2005

On Saturday 19 February 2005 08:01, Neil Williams wrote:
> On Saturday 19 February 2005 7:53 am, Hal Goldfarb wrote:
> > autoupdate
> ?? autoupdate? Shouldn't that be ./ ?

Ah!  OK.  Again, I am completely new at using the GNU build tools.   But don't 
worry, I'm a fairly quick study.

> Read the README.cvs and use the sample autogen command from there.

Funny, I thought that's where I got the idea to run autoupdate.  Maybe I was 
looking at a different set of source code (tarball maybe?).  I feel like no 
matter how much I read and poke around, there is always something else to 
know.   Maybe there are vestiges of older ways of building the tools; for 
example, an on-line tutorial of autoconf and automake I was reading could be 
a few years old.  Some of these may be outdated.

I know, I could go out and buy the books on the auto* tools.  But I am really 
tight on money right now.   And books get out of date pretty quick, too, 
these days ...

> > One more thing:  I know that you have to install the *-devel packages for
> > everything to work correctly.  But I also had problems with doing that.
> I've got a list of dependencies required to build GnuCash from CVS on my
> own site - Debian based list.

Thanks, I will look at that.  Mandrake may have slightly different 
requirements.   For one thing, a lot of Redhat stuff won't build on mandrake 
because Redhat SRPM's usually expect static libraries to link with.  Mandrake 
has a tendency to not include those in their regular RPM's in my experience.  
But that may also have to do with the packager, too.

One notable issue I ran into was that configure was asking me for -libgr.  
When I went looking for it in rpmseek, pbone, rpmfind, and others, the search 
would come up listing libnetpbm.  From what I could tell, it looks like they 
fulfill similar functionality, but I wasn't sure if I was getting partial or 
full support for the graphics files.

> > For instance, when I was running configure from the tarball, not doing my
> > own autoconf, it would complain that it could not find -libgal, but it is
> > in fact installed (libgal23, in fact).  Go ahead, fill me in.
> libgal-dev
> libgal is not the devel package, that's libgal-dev! Install the devel
> package!

Question:  In general, when I am building from scratch from sourceforge and 
project CVS repositories, should I always assume they mean the *devel* 
version of the libraries?  It seems like sometimes GNU build tools indicate 
the exact library/package name required, and sometimes not.  I could be wrong 
about this since I have only been doing this for a couple of days or so.  
However, in the past when I have built, or tried to build, other packages it 
seems like they were specific for the most part.

Thank you for your prompt response.


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