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Neil Williams linux at
Sat Feb 19 12:11:44 EST 2005

On Saturday 19 February 2005 4:29 pm, Hal Goldfarb wrote:
> > I've got a list of dependencies required to build GnuCash from CVS on my
> > own site - Debian based list.
> >
> Question:  In general, when I am building from scratch from sourceforge and
> project CVS repositories, should I always assume they mean the *devel*
> version of the libraries?

Yes. Not just in general, always.

The CVS code relies on devel packages to build.
The devel packages rely on their binary contemparies to run the compiled CVS.
The binary packages rely on other binary packages to run.

So the -devel only goes one level - to those packages directly called by the 
CVS code functions.

> It seems like sometimes GNU build tools indicate 
> the exact library/package name required, and sometimes not.

Unlikely, because the GNU build tools get their information from the project 
developers who wrote the or The only reference 
you'll generally see is to the name of the library. Naturally, that does 
often coincide, but not always.


Neil Williams

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