GnuCash Documentation in pdf Format

Branislav Djokic b_djokic at
Sat Feb 19 10:47:21 EST 2005


I am interested in finding the GnuCash manual(s) in
pdf format, which makes documents much more convenient
for printing.

Under the GnuCash Documentation Project at the website in the box with
the title "GnuCash v1.8 (current stable release)" both
the "Help Manual" and the "Concepts Guide" are listed
as available in "PDF: English". However, there are
hyperlinks only to HTML versions of the two documents.
I was not able to find their pdf versions. Could you
please provide links to the pdf versions of the "Help
Manual" and the "Concepts Guide", or, if that is not
possible, remove the notes implying that their English
pdf versions are available.

Thank you very much.


Branislav Djokic

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