GnuCash Documentation in pdf Format

Michael Wahlbrink linux.wali at
Sat Feb 19 15:08:38 EST 2005

Neil Williams schrieb:
> On Saturday 19 February 2005 3:47 pm, Branislav Djokic wrote:
Hi Neil,
>>I am interested in finding the GnuCash manual(s) in
>>pdf format, which makes documents much more convenient
>>for printing.
> I've got two files in HTML that can be printed to PDF but when I try it, I get 
> a two column layout that is hard to read, even at 200% zoom.
> The HTML is here:
> The PDF's are here:
> If anyone is able to convert the HTML into a more usable PDF, send it to me 
> and I'll update those links.

I've converted them via Ooo to pdf (without layout) but I've no 
webspace... and i don't want to send those big files to the mlshould i 
send them to you via pm? and you put them on your webspace? any othe 

> You can make the GnuCash Design Document from the codebase, 
> cd gnucash/src/doc/design
> make pdf

If its important I'll try to figure out how to achive this look of the 

> I've got a copy that I've just produced in that manner here:
> (It's generated from a different source so it doesn't suffer the same column 
> problems.)

hth micha

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