PostgreSQL development

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Feb 19 23:51:38 EST 2005

"Matthew Vanecek" <mevanecek at> writes:

> Specifically, I'm working on GDA support (, which
> encompasses Postgresql, mySQL, SQLite, and I believe Oracle and DB2.  So
> far, I've got the basics (Accounts, Transactions, Splits, KVP) loading and
> saving, with a fairly simple API that will make it easy to drop in other
> objects (e.g., I've got gncInvoice--but it won't work w/out Customers and
> Entries and other business stuff).  I need to put together a TODO, and
> hopefully in a month or so publish the code, either in gnucash or on
> sourceforge, so others can poke at it if they want.

Personally I'd like to see it as a patch to the gnucash tree so we can
plug it in and start playing with it together.  It can still be a
gnc-module ;)

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