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Neil Williams linux at
Sun Feb 20 03:12:30 EST 2005

On Sunday 20 February 2005 4:51 am, Derek Atkins wrote:
> "Matthew Vanecek" <mevanecek at> writes:
> > Specifically, I'm working on GDA support (, which
> > encompasses Postgresql, mySQL, SQLite, and I believe Oracle and DB2.  So
> > far, I've got the basics (Accounts, Transactions, Splits, KVP) loading
> > and saving, with a fairly simple API that will make it easy to drop in
> > other objects (e.g., I've got gncInvoice--but it won't work w/out
> > Customers and Entries and other business stuff).  I need to put together
> > a TODO, and hopefully in a month or so publish the code, either in
> > gnucash or on sourceforge, so others can poke at it if they want.
> Personally I'd like to see it as a patch to the gnucash tree so we can
> plug it in and start playing with it together.  It can still be a
> gnc-module ;)

Doesn't that require Scheme to be linked via the engine? Are we moving to the 
load_library_backend() method?

in qofsession.c:

  /* FIXME: this should use dlopen(), instead of guile/scheme,
   *    to load the modules.  Right now, this requires the engine to
   *    link to scheme, which is an obvious architecture flaw.
   *    XXX this is fexed below, in the non-gnucash version. Cut
   *    over at some point.

I agree it's not worth changing gnc-backend-file-v2 to the new method, but I 
thought the new backends were not going to be loaded as gnc-modules anymore?


Neil Williams

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