GnuCash Documentation in pdf Format

Michael Wahlbrink linux.wali at
Sun Feb 20 09:31:29 EST 2005

Neil Williams schrieb:
> On Saturday 19 February 2005 10:37 pm, you wrote:
>>Neil Williams schrieb:
>>>On Saturday 19 February 2005 8:08 pm, Michael Wahlbrink wrote:
>>>>>If anyone is able to convert the HTML into a more usable PDF, send it to
>>>>>me and I'll update those links.
>>>>I've converted them via Ooo to pdf (without layout)
> The permanent URL's for these PDF's are:
> The PDF's include the indices and links between sections which make such large 
> guides more usable but the gnucash-guide doesn't include the tutorial images 
> - it would be too large with those included as well. I could host those as a 
> separate .tar.gz / .zip if there is a need for that, maybe even include just 
> in the images in a separate PDF that uses the same sequence and 
> identification. (Or Michael, if you take this on, you could simply layout the 
> images in OOo in the required sequence and with the right labels and produce 
> that PDF too?) 
I can do that, but the images linked from the document
are not there (thats the reason why they are not in the pdf.....)
So, if someone can show me the way to the images there will be also a 
gnucash-guide-with-images.pdf ;-)

> Users should note that these are LARGE files - 1.8Mb and 2.2Mb respectively. 
> Help runs to 100 pages, the guide runs to 103 pages - I know this started as 
> a request for a printable format but I wouldn't like to print 203 pages! The 
> Design document is also in PDF (479k) and 75 pages, as is my entire 
> qof_book_merge / QSF documentation (a measly 308k - 55 pages - by 
> comparison!). So, in pdf format, that's a total of 333 pages!
> This doesn't include the various text docs in CVS either. Then there's the 
> various doxygen outputs, the README's, the websites (main, bugs, wiki . . ), 
> the mailing list archives, we do have quite a lot of documentation!
> I'll be keeping these .pdf files updated and the site will remain active 
> indefinitely. If there are other requests for documentation in various 
> formats, I can host those where they are available too.
> Alternatively, if these files are copied to the main gnucash servers, I can 
> update them to point to that location.
>>Ok, here they are......
>>glad to be able to contribute something as a non programmer ;-)
> Michael, these are very good, thanks. Are you willing to maintain these? You'd 
> need to monitor changes to gnucash-docs and provide updated copies as and 
> when - especially around release time.
Yes I can do this! But there will be no guarantee for "next-day 
pdf-delivery" ;-).... sometimes it will take till the next weekend.....

> If you can, just let the gnucash documentation writers know (via this list) so 
> that you are notified about changes. Then prepare the PDF's and email them to 
> me for hosting.
Just put me a note when there is new documentation ready to convert....
Are there only the two (or three... if we do pdfs with and without 
images) docs on neils website to monitor or are there some more out 

regards, micha

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