[Gnucash-changes] QSF backend, support for partial QofBooks, merge fix, references and KVP

Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Sun Feb 20 18:51:57 EST 2005

What about:

Returns the GList of KvpValues of any type (not to be confused with GList's of 
something else!), from the given kvp_frame. Cast each list gpointer to a 
KvpValue and use the KvpValue->type to determine the type of value (including 
more frames) at each position in the list. This one is non-copying -- the 
caller can modify the value directly.
GList* kvp_value_get_glist ( const KvpValue * value )

From my reading of the current KVP usage, I can only find these glist usages:
Name: /gemini/
Type: kvp_glist
Entities: Account, Book
Use:  kvp bag holding frames that identify accounts or books 
      that are copies of this account.
Name: /lot-split/
Type: kvp_glist
Entities: Split
Use:  A bag of kvp frames holding identification of splits
      that were split off of this split.  Same style as the 
      /gemini/, look there for additional doco's.

So although, in practice, only frames get listed, the code is setup to handle 
the other types within a list as well. Then you've got the fact that a frame 
is just another KvpValueType :

A kvp_frame is one type of a KvpValue but a KvpFrame is a GHashTable.


Neil Williams

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