[Gnucash-changes] QSF backend, support for partial QofBooks, merge fix, references and KVP

Chris Shoemaker c.shoemaker at cox.net
Sun Feb 20 19:25:15 EST 2005

On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 12:04:34AM +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> On Sunday 20 February 2005 11:35 pm, Chris Shoemaker wrote:
> > On Sun, Feb 20, 2005 at 10:57:10PM +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> > And "the given kvp_frame"?  What kvp_frame?  The only 
> > argument is a KvpValue
> You can't have a value outside a frame - the GHashTable at the top of the KVP 
> tree for this entity. You always pass a returned KvpValue to 
> kvp_frame_set_value or similar, so there's always an implicit frame.

Not true:  

KvpValue *vald, *vallist;
GList *list, *list2;
vald = kvp_value_new_double(1.0);
list = g_list_append(NULL, vald);
//list is now a GList of KvpValues
vallist = kvp_value_new_glist(list);

list2 = kvp_value_get_glist(valllist);
//No frames to be found.

> > , and if its sub-type _happens_ to be KvpFrame, 
> > then this function returns NULL.
> Does it? If the value->type is not KVP_TYPE_GLIST, it returns NULL 

Right, it returns a null pointer.

> but the *contents* of the GList are not inspected at this point. 

huh?  What GList?  There _is_ no GList if value->type != KVP_TYPE_GLIST.

> A list containing 
> KvpValues of KvpValueType == KVP_TYPE_FRAME is treated no differently to a 
> GList of KvpValues of any other KvpValueType.

Exactly.  That's why it doesn't make sense to mention a kvp_frame in
the description for:
 GList       * kvp_value_get_glist(const KvpValue * value);

> Look at the description for kvp_value_new_glist 
> http://code.neil.williamsleesmill.me.uk/gnome2/group__KVP.html#ga63
> It's a list of values, which can include more frames.

or any other kvpvalue subtypes.


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