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Martin Preuss aquamaniac at
Thu Feb 24 16:19:02 EST 2005


On Thursday 24 February 2005 22:00, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Martin Preuss <aquamaniac at> writes:
> > My focus is the interface: Currently AqBanking supports the German HBCI
> > protocol and a paperless exchange backend (German DTAUS). I just added
> > the latter backend and instantly GnuCash is able to create DTAUS discs
> > without changes to the code.
> What about MT940?  OpenHBCI used to support that.. ;)
And so does AqBanking ;-)

Actually the German HBCI protocol uses this format to report transaction 
statements, so it is a must-have. This importer is available to the public 
via AqBankings import/export API, but so far it is not used by Gnucash.

Connecting GnuCash to AqBanking would at least benefit us in Europe (and 
especially in DE), since that would add some of our formats to GnuCash (like 
However, the other formats supported by AqBanking (ofx, csv, later:qif) are 
already supported by GnuCash (and most other existing applications), so it 
would most likely bring no additional features to your continent ;-)

BTW: Where do you get the GTK1(!) apdicocs ? It is hard to find (most 
ressources point to GTK2 nowadays...).


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