GnuCash Documentation in pdf Format

Chris Lyttle chris at
Fri Feb 25 00:08:42 EST 2005


I've not attempted to validate the xml in the docs for use to convert to
pdf, just that its valid for conversion to html which the build script
does. Its possible to do this, but I'd rather not add the MB of pdf to
the docs build and I haven't really had a lot of time to do more than
release new docs whenever someone updates them. Basically, anyone who
wants to submit patches to have the docs easily convert to pdf using
docbook2pdf is welcome. I'm not sure I understand your comment about
using docbook-xsl as this is from what I understand the standard toolset
for use with docbook.


On Sun, 2005-02-20 at 19:28 +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> On Sunday 20 February 2005 6:31 pm, Chris Lyttle wrote:
> > If someone makes it available to me I can put any docs in pdf on the
> > gnucash website.
> Chris, I've only just realised that the guide and help ARE in docbook, it's 
> just that when I try docbook2pdf, I get syntax errors. I note you're using 
> docbook-xsl instead.
> I get lots of errors trying to convert to texi as well.
> > There is already a place holder in the docs part of the 
> > site ( so I'd just need to add the
> > link.
> DocBook should be able to convert the files we already have - I don't know why 
> it's giving so many errors. Mind you, I get errors on make as well:
> ../../xsl/toc.xsl:10: namespace error : Namespace prefix doc for type on param 
> is not defined
> <xsl:param name="" select="1" doc:type="boolean"/>
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