GnuCash Documentation in pdf Format

Neil Williams linux at
Sun Feb 20 14:28:12 EST 2005

On Sunday 20 February 2005 6:31 pm, Chris Lyttle wrote:
> If someone makes it available to me I can put any docs in pdf on the
> gnucash website.

Chris, I've only just realised that the guide and help ARE in docbook, it's 
just that when I try docbook2pdf, I get syntax errors. I note you're using 
docbook-xsl instead.

I get lots of errors trying to convert to texi as well.

> There is already a place holder in the docs part of the 
> site ( so I'd just need to add the
> link.

DocBook should be able to convert the files we already have - I don't know why 
it's giving so many errors. Mind you, I get errors on make as well:
../../xsl/toc.xsl:10: namespace error : Namespace prefix doc for type on param 
is not defined
<xsl:param name="" select="1" doc:type="boolean"/>


Neil Williams

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