GnuCash Documentation in pdf Format

Chris Lyttle chris at
Sat Feb 26 19:50:17 EST 2005

On Sat, 2005-02-26 at 23:43 +0000, Neil Williams wrote:

> It's an added file at the moment - that's where any duplication comes in. As 
> you picked up later, docbook-utils is SGML rather than XML so it complains if 
> the first line of the SGML file is an XML declaration - which xsltproc 
> understandably needs. So just one file - the entity declaration file - is 
> duplicated but that only contains the revision history currently so it's no 
> big deal.
> So xsltproc continues calling gnucash-guide.xml, docbook-utils calls 
> gnucash-guide.docbook - or it could be .sgml if that's clearer.

> Yep, it makes sense now - it's using SGML, hence the warning.

> Sorry, didn't mean to merge the two, I was referring to taking any duplicated 
> content between the .xml and the to be added .docbook or .sgml file that is 
> essentially the same except for the XML declaration, use of <book> and 
> <bookinfo>, and putting that in a separate file.
> gnucash-guide.xml - now
> gnucash-guide.sgml - to be added.
> gnucash-help.xml - now
> gnucash-help.sgml - to be added.
> Even then, it's only the revision history that is duplicated, so it might as 
> well stay.


There's a lot more that's different between docbook-xml and docbook-sgml
than just <book> and self closing tags (/>). There would be an
incredible amount of duplication involved in making the current docs
sgml, which I spent a lot of effort to get us to a point where we didn't
_need_ sgml. I know you're just trying to make pdf's but I for one would
be against adding back sgml files to CVS. xml-fo isn't ideal because it
uses java and is quite slow but there is work being done on a c parser
to pdf ( ) and we don't get requests for
pdf versions often enough IMHO to warrant maintaining sgml and xml
versions of the docs. I haven't been following docbook-utils development
so I didn't know until now you were suggesting converting the docs to
sgml because it can't work with xml. Please reconsider this as it would
be real nasty to maintain docs in both sgml and xml.

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