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Neil Williams linux at
Sun Feb 27 03:35:15 EST 2005

On Sunday 27 February 2005 12:50 am, Chris Lyttle wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-02-26 at 23:43 +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> > Even then, it's only the revision history that is duplicated, so it might
> > as well stay.
> Neil,
> There's a lot more that's different between docbook-xml and docbook-sgml
> than just <book> and self closing tags (/>). 

I know - I have no intention of converting the entire tree. There'll be no 
duplication of content files. Generating a PDF via the SGML wrappers does 
work (albeit with warnings) with the existing xml or I wouldn't have 
considered any of this. I know that trying to remove the warnings will 
require a separate tree, so, as long as it continues to work with warnings, I 
think we can stick with what is a bit of a hack really. Yelp is the target of 
the project, this is a small, optional, add-on.

> There would be an 
> incredible amount of duplication involved in making the current docs
> sgml,

There's no way I'm going down that road. No, this is still a minor fix. The 
only change I'm considering is for each imagedata:
<imagedata foo="stuff" />
<imagedata foo="stuff"></imagedata>

This works fine in xsltproc (as expected) and it does generate a PDF too - the 
SGML tools warn about closing an imagedata tag that isn't open, that's all.

The only reason I'm still working on this is the tantalising prospect of 
getting the images into the final PDF - I can't get the syntax that will 
allow it - yet.

> which I spent a lot of effort to get us to a point where we didn't 
> _need_ sgml. I know you're just trying to make pdf's but I for one would
> be against adding back sgml files to CVS.

2 files only. gnucash-guide.docbook and gnucash-help.docbook. / sgml.

> xml-fo isn't ideal because it 
> uses java and is quite slow but there is work being done on a c parser
> to pdf ( ) and we don't get requests for
> pdf versions often enough IMHO to warrant maintaining sgml and xml
> versions of the docs.

Absolutely - I agree completely.

> I haven't been following docbook-utils development 
> so I didn't know until now you were suggesting converting the docs to
> sgml

Just adding a single top level file in each case to use an SGML DTD and the 
<book> tag. These will sit alongside the current .xml and I won't change 
anything that either breaks yelp or requires duplicate content files. I'll 
put a note in the README that these are a temporary fix and the warnings 
should be ignored. 

> because it can't work with xml. Please reconsider this as it would 
> be real nasty to maintain docs in both sgml and xml.

Sorry if I gave the impression that I'd every seriously considered a duplicate 
content tree - there is NO way I would do that.

> Chris


Neil Williams

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