The FAQ (was Re: wiki will not change (was: FAQ link off incorrect))

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Feb 28 09:32:30 EST 2005

Christian Stimming <stimming at> writes:

> Just for the record: Contrary to the earlier message by David Neary (in 
> January), apparently there was a decision that end-user questions should 
> continue to be hosted on, whereas the other mentioned wiki 
> on is intended mainly for developers. At least that's what 
> stro as maintainer finally decided. So the gnucash wiki will 
> continue to exist on and the earlier discussion about the 
> wiki move does no longer seem to be valid. 

That's fine for me.

I still think the FAQ needs to reorganized.  The current structure of having
questions on different pages is just confusing.  Some questions are duplicated
in multiple places, and it makes it really hard to find a question (you need
to potentially search through 10 full pages to try to find your question).

I think the FAQ page should look like this:

[ list of questions, split into sections ]
  - each question is a hyperlink to the actual Q and A below

[ q / a sections ]
  - these sections match the sections above

> Christian


PS: I'm willing to consider having the sections be different pages, so
long as the questions are rolled up into a single page.  HOWEVER that
requires modifying two pages to add a new Q/A instead of only
modifying one page.

PPS: I'm wondering if there's a better technology to manage FAQs than
a Wiki?

PPPS: Yes, there's a 'FAQ' in the docs, but it's not as complete as
the FAQ in the Wiki and it's not as quickly editable, either.  But we
should definitely get them in sync, too.

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