The FAQ (was Re: wiki )

Christian Stimming stimming at
Mon Feb 28 10:55:36 EST 2005

GnuCash FAQ:

Derek Atkins schrieb:
> I still think the FAQ needs to reorganized.  The current structure of having
> questions on different pages is just confusing.  Some questions are duplicated
> in multiple places, and it makes it really hard to find a question (you need
> to potentially search through 10 full pages to try to find your question).

Absolutely. The wiki was meant only as something to start with. Before, 
we only had the static FAQ in the documentation and we always forgot to 
copy the FAQs from the mailinglist to the documentation. The wiki was a 
first step to collect and answer such questions as fast and with as 
little effort as possible. But of course now it needs some editing.

> I think the FAQ page should look like this:
> [ list of questions, split into sections ]
>   - each question is a hyperlink to the actual Q and A below

Having the questions as hyperlinks to the actual Q/A is a bit difficult 
in the current wiki. That would be solved better by some other system, 
which could directly copy the existing Q/A from the wiki. But for now, 
we already should split this into more detailed thematic groups. 
Currently the questions seem rather unsorted.

Someone around who could contribute to the documentation? Grouping and 
reorganizing the FAQ in the wiki would be a very simple and yet 
effective job to contribute. Just go ahead!

> PS: I'm willing to consider having the sections be different pages, so
> long as the questions are rolled up into a single page.  HOWEVER that
> requires modifying two pages to add a new Q/A instead of only
> modifying one page.
> PPS: I'm wondering if there's a better technology to manage FAQs than
> a Wiki?

For a larger collection of questions we surely have to switch to a 
different technology. Anyone volunteering?


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