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David Grant david.grant at
Mon Feb 28 16:05:36 EST 2005

I just scanned through the posts about moin moin vs. twiki. Functionally 
they are probably both similar. I'm guessing twiki has more plugins 
though. Looks-wise I always thought twiki looked a bit messy/noisy but 
that can be fixed by anyone who knows HTML and CSS, or perhaps by 
installing a new template.

The major disadvantage of switching away from twiki, is as Jim and 
Karsten were talking about, is that the syntax is different between 
almost all wikis and also the links will be all screwed up. Someone said 
that we haven't invested in anything wiki-specific, and that's not true. 
Jim and others have invested a lot of time adding content, and the 
content is twiki-specific.

The fact that moin moin is written in python comes up sometimes but it 
is a moot point. No one in the gnumed project is interested in 
re-writing bits of code for the wiki (I hope). There are so many wiki 
projects out there, no need to look at the source code for any of them, 
or to modify it. Just find on and use it. If a wiki was written in 
COBOL, and if it was the best, then we should use it.

David J. Grant

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