twiki and moin moin

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Feb 28 22:12:46 EST 2005

I'm more worried about security and wiki-spam...  I'd also like to
find something that handles FAQs "the best".


David Grant <david.grant at> writes:

> I just scanned through the posts about moin moin vs. twiki. Functionally 
> they are probably both similar. I'm guessing twiki has more plugins 
> though. Looks-wise I always thought twiki looked a bit messy/noisy but 
> that can be fixed by anyone who knows HTML and CSS, or perhaps by 
> installing a new template.
> The major disadvantage of switching away from twiki, is as Jim and 
> Karsten were talking about, is that the syntax is different between 
> almost all wikis and also the links will be all screwed up. Someone said 
> that we haven't invested in anything wiki-specific, and that's not true. 
> Jim and others have invested a lot of time adding content, and the 
> content is twiki-specific.
> The fact that moin moin is written in python comes up sometimes but it 
> is a moot point. No one in the gnumed project is interested in 
> re-writing bits of code for the wiki (I hope). There are so many wiki 
> projects out there, no need to look at the source code for any of them, 
> or to modify it. Just find on and use it. If a wiki was written in 
> COBOL, and if it was the best, then we should use it.
> -- 
> David J. Grant

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