Stock Sales - Balance sheet unbalanced

David G Hamblen dhamblen at
Sun Jan 23 08:22:38 EST 2005

Derek Atkins wrote:

>David G Hamblen <dhamblen at> writes:
>>My problem is with the weighted-average computation causing the balance
>>sheet to be unbalanced.  I've been seeing this for several years now.  I
>>just compiled and installed 1.8.10 and the problem is unchanged. The
>>calculation seems to use absolute values when algebraic values should be
>>used.  The code in "Advanced Portfolio" gets it right.  The code in the
>>files "balance-sheet.scm" and "advanced-portfolio.scm" appears to attack
>>the calculation from different directions; so I wouldn't know how to
>>modify the code (not knowing scheme).
>I'd suggest you first look at the balance sheet report from HEAD (it's
>not the same as the report in 1.8).  It may or may not actually get
>this right.  
Tried HEAD, it gives the same results, but I like the format better 
(Unrealized Gain is in the Equity section rather than Liabilities). 

>Second, the balance sheet probably never use a weighted
>average for anything -- it's certainly not correct for determining the
>amount of capital put into the commodity, and it wont help you
>determine the current value of the commodity, either.
I usually use the "Nearest in Time" option;  the weighted average is not 
particularly informative.  Weighted average is, however, the default; 
and it appears that that it's used to determine the cost when computing 
the unrealized gain.  Since it's calculated using absolute values, it's 
not even the correct number.



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