weighted average in Balance Sheet (was: Re: Stock Sales - Balance sheet unbalanced)

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jan 24 17:58:48 EST 2005

Glen Whitney <gwhitney at pobox.com> writes:

> Is there someplace I can read about the decision to keep these two kinds of
> prices distinct? It's frustrating to me because I enter lots of transactions
> concerning mutual funds (for example, the transactions each quarter from my
> employer's contributions to TIAA-CREF funds in my 403(b)). In each of those
> transactions, a price is entered for the fund. Yet to get the value of the
> account updated in the "Total in report currency", I have to (redundantly, from
> my point of view) enter those prices in the Price Editor. It also seems like the
> other problems you mention below would go away if, at least for most purposes,
> the implicit and explicit prices were merged into a single list of known prices
> at various times.  Commercial software in the same area as GnuCash (I only have
> experience with the one whose name starts with Q) seems to work in this way. Why
> can't/shouldn't GnuCash work this way?

I thought I had a bug filed about this issue but I can't seem to find
it in bugzilla.  I agree that gnucash should store explicit prices in
the "pricedb" when transactions are entered in the register.  It
already does this when txns are entered via the Xfer Dialog.

> My apologies if this is an uninformed question, or if there's some way to get
> GnuCash to consider all implicit prices to be explicit, or something like that.
> Any pointers would help; and if possible I'd appreciate replies to
> gwhitney at pobox.com in addition to this list.

There's no way to get gnucash to consider implicit prices as explicit.


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