GnuCash API

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Mon Jan 31 11:33:46 EST 2005

Russell Sutherland <russ at> writes:

> Just to be clear and to make sure we're talking about the
> same thing. I want to be able to insert all the data to create
> a new invoice and then print it or (preferrably) email mail
> it out to the customer. I envision a commandline program
> that encodes all the information as arguments.

Keep in mind that right now GnuCash only allows one application to
modify your data file.  This means that to run a cron job you have to
make sure you don't already have gnucash running on that data file.

Having said that, we ARE still talking about the same thing --
although right now there's definitely not a good way to automate the
printing and/or emailing the invoices.  And even once Neil finishes
his importer work it's unclear if you'll be able to perform the tasks
you want unattended.

Although I suppose it's all just a SMoP, if you've got the energy. :)

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