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Russell Sutherland russ at
Mon Jan 31 11:22:37 EST 2005

* Derek Atkins (warlord at MIT.EDU) [31 Jan 2005 10:41]:

> You probably want to wait until Neil finishes his QSF work -- his goal
> is exactly yours -- to be able to import invoices into GnuCash.  It's
> unlikely you'll be able to do it without some amount of user
> intervention, however, so a crontab may not be reasonable.
> As for API documentation, there's the doxygen docs at:
> Note that this is NOT the 1.8 API, and it's not the g2 api, either.
> I suggest you read the -devel archive and find Neil's work.
> -derek
> Russell Sutherland <russ at> writes:
> > Is there a documented GnuCash API? I am interested in
> > being able to auto generate invoices from say a crontab
> > job.

Just to be clear and to make sure we're talking about the
same thing. I want to be able to insert all the data to create
a new invoice and then print it or (preferrably) email mail
it out to the customer. I envision a commandline program
that encodes all the information as arguments.

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