GNUCash wiki pages on gnomesupport

David Neary dneary at
Sun Jan 30 17:18:35 EST 2005


Christian Stimming wrote:
> So for us it would be fine if you move the content over to We 
> would just like to ask for some transistion period, maybe 2-4 weeks, during 
> which the old gnomesupport-wiki is still online (maybe in read-only state?), 
> so that we have some time to change the links in our own website and 
> documentation. Apart from that, you can just decide for yourself when and how 
> to do this step.

The current idea is to move the pages over one at a time, and if
the gnomesupport wiki allows it, add a pointer to the equivalent page, and set the gnomesupport page read-only.
That way, the old data stays on line, and contains a link to the

Once all the pages on the gnomesupport wiki are read-only, stro
will decide how long the old wiki should stay online, but there
will definitely be a grace period.


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