Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Jul 6 10:50:05 EDT 2005

Neil Williams <linux at> writes:

>>   Error: qof_class_get_parameter(): no object of type collection
>>   file qofquerycore.c: line 1477 (qof_query_core_to_string):
>>     assertion `toString' failed
> I'll need to add a prompt in qofclass.h that qofquerycore.c needs work
> when a new type is added.

Additional dev documentation is never a bad idea ;)

>> Tracking down the first message, I started where the due bills dialog
>> sets up a search query for invoices, one term of which is the owner of
>> the invoice, set here.
>>     param_list = gnc_search_param_prepend (param_list, _("Company"), NULL, type,
>> The gnc_search_param_prepend() function calls
>> gnc_search_param_set_param_path(), which determines that an
>> INVOICE_OWNER is of type QOF_TYPE_COLLECT, tries to look up the
>> definition of a collection with gncQueryObjectGetParameter,
> Why do we have these duplicate names defined? What's the advantage? It
> makes it more difficult because in Anjuta I can right click each
> function to go to it's definition or declaration - if it's defined as
> another name, that doesn't work.
> Anyways, it's actually calling qof_class_get_parameter, as shown in the
> error report.

Sorry, what duplicate names?  Which names are duplicates?  And what
are they duplicates of?


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