GnuCash CLI v0.0.1

Neil Williams linux at
Tue Jul 12 11:05:07 EDT 2005

First tarball now available - needs v.latest QOF CVS.

Doxygen output:

Note: This is not a formal release and the tarball is not signed. Feel free to 
inspect the code. (manpage included).

It won't run against existing GnuCash CVS yet but this should be sorted out 
with my next commit - the changes are relatively minor.

> The question is:
> Is this a *new* project (SF), a new program and a new package?
> Or should it be folded into the GnuCash G2 tree where it will always have
> the same object definitions as the rest of GnuCash?

> It does not depend on 
> GnuCash - strange as that may sound. I don't see what you'd do with it
> without GnuCash but you never can tell what users will get up to. :-))

> There's work left to do - the objects are in but not fully functional - but
> it can be done. (Everything *except* the objects is already working.)

The objects should be working now too - the only changes from current GnuCash 
source for the objects are engine events and gncCommodity (both commented out 
for now simply because I haven't included those files in the tarball).

From a previous thread, Mon Jul 4 13:39:32 EDT 2005
> > Yes, a quick CLI to just add transactions would be nice (eg one gets
> > home from 'shopping' with a pile of receipts - it would be nice to
> > quickly enter these transactions without having to fire up the whole
> > GUI. CLI access for various 'common' queries (current balances,
> > projected minimum, etc.) would also be nice.
> You're not the first to request this.  Indeed there's a relatively
> long-standing RFE on this topic.  I'm hoping that the QSF import
> will help on this ...

This CLI is currently SQL biased (supporting SELECT and INSERT) - what kind of 
interface would be best for a CLI that would close the RFE?

I can extend this to run under ncurses and provide simple menus or Q&A data 
entry, it could use defaults of some kind.

We can have something that looks like xf86config, or something like debconf 
(although that could take longer) or ....

It could load a previous file, add transactions to the partial book and save 
it out. Merging a partial book from one file is quicker than lots of small 
ones. Users can keep the QSF as a backup and start a new file or overwrite 
the old one.

Once some defaults are configured, it could be launched as an alias or bash 
script to remove the need for lots of options on the command line.

If it's extended in such ways, would it be better within GnuCash than 

Once this is decided, I can get the rest sorted - like a decent name!


Neil Williams

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