report option processing

Christian Stimming stimming at
Fri Jul 22 05:27:14 EDT 2005

Hi Andrew,

I think this idea has been brought up several times,

I also don't have any idea how to implement this. Maybe someone else.

However, if a particular report's default options bother you a lot, then 
your easiest workaround would be to modify the default options into 
something else. This is described in the bugzilla entry above.


Andrew Sackville-West schrieb:
> hey,
> this is one of those little things that get to me as a heavy user. So I 
> want to throw out there.
> As you know, when you pick a report, it runs for its default Options 
> immediately. I rarely, if ever, use the defaults. How difficult is it to 
> change a report so that it comes up with the options window immediately, 
> before it is run? What are the implications of this (like, does it mess 
> with reloading already open reports on a restart?)? is this desireable? 
>  if its do-able and desireable, where do I start?
> thanks
> A
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