Add new event to differentiate metadata from content modification?

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun Jul 24 14:57:19 EDT 2005


I'm looking at the event subsystem in order to at least fix one
particular bug (the account list in the register doesn't notice when
accounts are added/removed/modified properly)..  In order to do this I
need to differentiate between when an account is modified (Edit
Account) versus when an account's contents are modified (transactions

There are already GNC_EVENT_ADD and GNC_EVENT_REMOVE, but those signal
when the object is added or removed from a parent.  E.g., it's used
when an account is added to an AccountGroup.  So I don't think I can
use these events to signal what I want.

As a result I think I need (at least) one new event.  I was thinking
of just extending the existing GNC_EVENT_MODIFY and add a
GNC_EVENT_MODIFY_CONTENTS -- but that seems to be a bit, um, verbose
(and potentially not very accurate).

So a question to the peanut gallery:

1) should I just add one event?  (or do I need more?)
1a) if so, what should it be called?
1b) if not, what event(s) need to be added?

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