Add gchar* to xmlChar* casting of string constants to eliminate some

Neil Williams linux at
Mon Jul 25 06:17:41 EDT 2005

On Monday 25 July 2005 2:10 am, David Hampton wrote:
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> Add gchar* to xmlChar* casting of string constants to eliminate some
> gcc4 warnings.

I have fixed these issues in the QOF commits but there are so many other 
changes in both trees at the moment that I haven't been able to commit those 
to GnuCash, sorry.

> Tags:
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> gnucash-gnome2-dev
> Modified Files:
> --------------
>     gnucash/src/backend/qsf:
>         qsf-backend.c
>         qsf-xml-map.c
>         qsf-xml.c

My apologies if the warnings are annoying during the build but these files are 
likely to change radically at the next commit. Any patches are very likely to 
be lost when GnuCash finally comes back into sync with QOF.

The issue is mainly with xmlChar* casts being required for const char* defines 
and the casts have all been sorted in QOF. However, other changes within the 
backend mean that much of the current code will be reorganised, modified or
supplemented. The Doxygen ToDo list gives some hints of the problems 

I've made substantial progress recently but upcoming employment commitments 
(lasting 2 weeks) mean that this will take time to get ready to commit. 

It's the problem of having two source trees for QOF files - it's too slow to 
test these changes in a GUI so I develop and test within QOF and CashUtil, 
committing to GnuCash only when each stage is testing properly. Also, 
CashUtil, being pre-alpha, continuously needs the latest changes to be made 
available in CVS QOF so that's where I commit.

Anyway, if we can live with the inconvenience and warnings for a bit longer, 
I'll commit the overhauled files, plus other changes in QOF, to GnuCash just 
as soon as time allows.

Life will be so much easier (for me) when QOF is external.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Neil Williams

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