On Gnucash, G2, and Architecture

Dan Widyono dan at widyono.net
Tue Jun 7 11:45:10 EDT 2005

> If it only works as well as 1.x, why are users going to be any more
> pleased with g2 than 1.x?  Do you think the average user knows and
> cares what libraries their acct package uses?

No, but they care what libraries are included with their plug-and-play
distribution (where said distro's maintainers *do* care what libs are used by
whatever acct package they choose to support).  If said distro decides to
stop supporting gnome1, gc is gone also unless there's a new gc version which
doesn't require gnome1.

> Ok, I think I'm starting to see where we disagree.  You think that the
> survival of GC depends on maintaining *users*.

I believe they're also talking about developers.  I, for one, would like to
see a stable, used version of g2 out there, such that my coding (if I could
program worth a damn) would continue to be used, seen, and therefore tested
by current users.

> The *linux* app. market is not so much like that.  Market-share
> follows quality much more closely than time-to-market.  Look at how
> quick we are to abandon the tried-and-true when the new program is a
> little nicer.

This does not match what I hear from regular users (non-computer-savvy).
They follow whatever their distro vendor provides for the most part.  "The
distro doesn't have an accounting package?  Woops, I can't use Linux then.
Back to Windows."

Dan W.

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