On Gnucash, G2, and Architecture

Andrew Sackville-West andrew at farwestbilliards.com
Tue Jun 7 21:29:49 EDT 2005

I've been lurking in this conversation as its very muchout of my world, 
though very interesting... my .02 below...

Dan Widyono wrote:
>>I  <<snip>>
> This does not match what I hear from regular users (non-computer-savvy).
> They follow whatever their distro vendor provides for the most part.  "The
> distro doesn't have an accounting package?  Woops, I can't use Linux then.
> Back to Windows."

I am a fairly computer savvy user in that I've coded in the past, have 
some understanding of how computers really work and use computers 
instead of being used by them. So. I stayed out of linux for at least 5 
years because I hadn't run across gnucash or any other accounting 
package that was useable for my business. So yes, a lot of regular users 
need a package like this, they need it to work, and if its dropped from 
distros, they will stay away. IMHO.

> Dan W.
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