UPDATE: negative rate

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 9 11:54:14 EST 2005

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"Vijay Vishvas Dharap" <vijay_dharap at infosys.com> writes:

> Hi Derek, 
> I meant all uni*xes here.
> Anyway that was not the point. I meant I could not use it directly onto
> Win32 platform.

That was not clear from any of your emails.

>> > Furthermore I converted the functions listed in that place into java
>> > class for my work.
>> I suspect a bug in your Java, then.
> That IS possible, I cannot say no. So only I am just asking for help.
> I am not at all saying that there is a bug in your application.

I do not believe that this list is the appropriate forum to help debug
proprietary products, even if they are transliterations of gnucash. :-/

>> > I have attached the code that I used in java. Only minimal changes
> were
>> > done from actual C source code needed for compilation purposes.
>> >
>> > Now when I use this function of rate and provide the specified
> values,
>> > I get positive value of the rate.
>> > But same values when given to VB function rate, gives me negative
> rate.
>> > i.e. -1.98245150
>> >
>> > Whenever the VB rate is giving positive values, the values by my
> rate
>> > function matches with the VB rate function. But for negative values,
> I
>> > don't get correct values.
>> > Now probably I am clearer about discrepancy I am talking about.
>> Could be a bug in VB.  Could be a bug in your Java.  I suspect it's
>> possible that our code doesn't handle negative rates.
> My only question here was "Whether using rate implementation of gnucash,
> can we get negative rates"

I don't know.

>> > Regards,
>> > Vijay
>> -derek
> Derek, my mail was not meant to be offensive... though frankly, it seems
> that my mail has offended you. Sorry for it.
> Vijay


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