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On Wednesday 09 March 2005 10:49, Vijay Vishvas Dharap wrote:
> First of all sorry for sending 3 messages.
> Ok let me clarify more.
> I browsed fin.c file from cvs from src/calculation directory.
> And I just used the functions[_fi_calc_interest and functions required
> by it] listed there as I cannot use the whole application as its ported
> only to linux.

First of all, let me clarify this point - that the financial equations and 
their implementation under gnucash are "ported only to Linux". 

The equations are implemented in standard C - there are no dependencies on the 
operating system of any kind. I have only tested and run the implementation 
using gcc on Linux, but they should compile (at least with gcc) under Windows 
or any other flavor of OS you desire. I would be surprised if they did not 
compile using any standard C compiler - there are no tricks that depend on 

Have you tried to compile the C implenetation in the gnucash source tree? If 
not, then why not. If you have tried to compile the original under your OS, 
then what results did you obtain from the compiler? If you obtained some 
error messages then that will point you in the direction of resolving the 
problems the compiler is having with the implementation, if one exists.

Why translate to another language and then assume the original is wrong 
because it does not agree with your translation?

> Furthermore I converted the functions listed in that place into java
> class for my work.
> I have attached the code that I used in java. Only minimal changes were
> done from actual C source code needed for compilation purposes.

If only minimal changes were made then you should the get competent help in 
deciding if the Java must also be placed under the GPL, since my original 
coyright would still be in place which would place the Java translation under 
the GPL. If you only use the Java yourself or at your company and do not 
distribute, this is not a problem. If you do distribute, you must do so under 
the provisions of the GPL.

> Now when I use this function of rate and provide the specified values,
> I get positive value of the rate.
> But same values when given to VB function rate, gives me negative rate.
> i.e. -1.98245150

First what "specified values" are you talking about - be specific and exact.

if the other implementation is giving different values from the gnucash 
implementation (i.e., the C implementation in the source tree - not your 
translation thereof into another language), then the other implentation is 
just plain wrong.

> Whenever the VB rate is giving positive values, the values by my rate
> function matches with the VB rate function. But for negative values, I
> don't get correct values.
> Now probably I am clearer about discrepancy I am talking about.

No - you are not clear at all - in order to know anything about what you 
trying to do you must give SPECIFIC and EXACT details of what numbers you 
used (ALL numbers for ALL variables, what results you obtained, what 
equations you are using just for starters. Giving vague acounts of what you 
have done, or think you have done, will not help in any manner whatsoever.


> Regards,
> Vijay
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> > as for the answer, the question itself is not very clear so i don't
> > know which functions you are talking about. So if you have to clarify
> > things, please take the time to rewrite your mressage with better
> > context and details, but send it only once.
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> > thank you.
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> > Ludo


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