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Tue Mar 15 14:36:18 EST 2005

On Tuesday 15 March 2005 1:44 pm, Josh Sled wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 07:51, Neil Williams wrote:
> > Can you try with LANG=en_GB and see what you get?
> No pango errors, here, with LANG=en_GB.

Now that is strange. en_GB always produces errors at this end. I can reproduce 
that every single time. Use en_GB.UTF-8 and all is fine. Use en_GB and all 
the same errors reappear. I'm getting more confused with this - now I can't 
reproduce the errors with LANG=C either!

Something in the locales is being changed that isn't part of ~/.gnucash/ or 
~/.gnome/ or ~/.gnome2/ just by setting UTF-8 and I can't undo it now that 
it's done. Only using en_GB alone causes any pango errors now - en_GB is the 
Debian default for the UK.

> What version of Pango?

with -dev

> Gtk? 
libgtk1.2                 1.2.10-17  
libgtk2.0-0               2.6.2-4
with -dev in each case.

> LANG=en_GB.UTF-8 doesn't seem to work on my system ("Locale not
> supported [...]"), which I find a bit strange.

works fine at this end! 

In fact it's better than that, it now uses the £ symbol instead of GBP.

> > I get no further pango errors in usage.
> Huh.  So changing that option seems to make things work?  Sounds like
> the trail-head for an investigation. :)

Unfortunately, this no longer appears once the LANG is set to en_GB.UTF-8 so 
it would appear to be an artefact of using just en_GB.

Maybe what we need is to assume en_GB.UTF-8 even if en_GB is all that is 

I've just checked in Gnome (I usually develop in KDE) and as I'd put export 
en_GB.UTF-8 into ~/.bashrc I got no pango errors. Changing to LANG=en_GB 
raised the same pango errors as KDE and LANG=C or unset LANG raises:


I'm confused. All I can say is that en_GB.UTF-8 solved my problems with pango. 
If there is a way of assuming UTF-8 when en_GB is specified alone, I'd like 


Neil Williams

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