utf-8 translations (was: pango_layout_set_text)

Christian Stimming stimming at tuhh.de
Wed Mar 16 02:59:02 EST 2005

Nikos Charonitakis schrieb:
> translations are not converted to UTF-8 in gnome2-dev-branch
> i  dont know if it is related to the problem...

I don't think this is a problem here. But for the record: The 
translations are not used at all on any of the development branches. 
I.e. if there happens to exist any translation in the gnome2-dev-branch, 
then it is an unchanged copy of the stable release at the time of branch 
forking (probably 1.8.0), and there might exist all kinds of different 
file encodings: ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-15, euc-jp, koi8-u, utf-8, big5. We 
will not modify the translations at all during the "unstable" 
development. Instead, we will only start to touch the translations when 
we are going into beta release and stable release phases.

At that point in time (i.e. when we're getting close to 2.0.0-pre1), we 
might recode all the po files into utf-8 encoding (from their current 
encodings), but that decision will be made then and not now.


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