Preferences for accounting software

Christian Stimming stimming at
Tue Mar 22 05:26:08 EST 2005

Dear Kaarel,

Kaarel schrieb:
> Sorry if it is a bit off topic but we are in the middle of deciding
> whether to use GTK for our next product or implement it entirely in HTML.

In theory you are welcome to ask even such slightly-off-topic questions 
here -- but: What kind of comparison is this, Gtk vs. HTML? You are not 
only comparing apples and oranges but rather apples and salad dressings!

HTML refers purely to the presentation layer, whereas you will also need 
layers for data storage, computation, and session management, to name a 
few. How are you going to do this when you say "HTML"? You have to add 
some more buzzwords here, you know... otherwise there simply is no 

> The product is an accounting software. It should run on multiple
> platforms, it should be easy to use SQL server in the local machine and
> in the remote server, it should be easy to use the product *securely*
> remotely over internet, it should be easy to view and print all sorts of
> graphs and reports and so on.
> So, can someone give some pros and cons of using a standalone toolkit
> like GTK to develop an accounting software instead of using (X)(D)HTML?

Again: GTK refers to the presentation layer, too, but it also implies a 
programming language that is suitable for the other layers mentioned 
above. HTML doesn't tell anything about those. You have to throw in more 
technology to tell how you are providing the rest of your application 
when the presentation is in HTML. Some example buzzwords, purely random: 
Java, Javabeans, Tomcat, python, PHP, Apache, Active-X, MySQL, Oracle, 
C++, perl, Microsoft Access, Qt, Gtk+, wxWidgets. :-))))


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