Preferences for accounting software

Kaarel kaarel at
Tue Mar 22 06:21:55 EST 2005

Christian Stimming wrote:

> Again: GTK refers to the presentation layer, too, but it also implies a 
> programming language that is suitable for the other layers mentioned 
> above. HTML doesn't tell anything about those. You have to throw in more 
> technology to tell how you are providing the rest of your application 
> when the presentation is in HTML. Some example buzzwords, purely random: 
> Java, Javabeans, Tomcat, python, PHP, Apache, Active-X, MySQL, Oracle, 
> C++, perl, Microsoft Access, Qt, Gtk+, wxWidgets. :-))))

Indeed I didn't give much information but that was the intention. I 
wanted to keep the discussion as broad as possible. Gnucash is not a web 
application, it is a standalone software. For a large range of 
application nowadays the question often is: should an application be 
built on a standalone toolkit or as a web interface. In that sense it 
doesn't really matter what particular database I will use or what kind 
of language is used to outpud HTML (Perl, Java, PHP etc).

My original thougt was that as this is a GnuCash mailing list, that 
there will surely be developers familiar with developing accounting 
software. Because this list has extensive knowledge using a standalone 
toolkit for an accounting software I thought you can share some 
experience. Perhaps you feel sometimes that GnuCash would do better when 
using a web interface, or perhaps you can give some good arguments why a 
standalone approach is way superior when building an accounting software.


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