Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sat Mar 26 10:30:26 EST 2005

Christian Neumair <chris at> writes:

> I suggest somebody runs the script
> #!/bin/bash
> for i in $( ls po/*.po ); do
>         msgconv -t UTF-8 $i >> $i.tmp &&
>         mv $i.tmp $i
> done
> in the GNOME 2 branch of GnuCash and re-commits the POs. I'm not sure
> whether you like diverging PO files between HEAD and the GNOME 2 branch,
> though. If not, it would probably be more wise to wait until the branch
> is merged with HEAD and write down that this has to be done.
> Anyway, it would be nice to hear whether the conversion helped for your
> particular problem.

I'd prefer we waited until we're closer to an alpha release before we
go off and fix the translations.  Then we can up-port the 1.8
translations into HEAD/g2 and _THEN_ run the UTF8 conversion.

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