Problem building gnucash (G2)

Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Sun May 1 17:18:01 EDT 2005

Phil Longstaff <plongstaff at> writes:

> I am running into problems building the gnome2 build of gnucash:
> 1) Although configure doesn't test for it, if gnome-keyring-devel is not 
> installed, it won't build.

I don't have gnome-keyring-devel installed on my FC3 machine and the
g2 branch builds just fine.  If this *IS* a dependency then it's an
implicit dependency of one of gnucash's explicit dependencies...
Which implies a packaging problem from your distribution.

GnuCash should not be testing for implicit dependencies.

> 2) In src/appfile/test, trying to build .libs/test-links, I get the messages:
> /opt/gnome/lib/ undefined reference to `g_assert_warning'
> /opt/gnome/lib/ undefined reference to 
> `g_return_if_fail_warning'

This sounds like a problem with your libgsf.  Are you sure it was
built against the same version of glib that you're using to build
gnucash?  Did you compile those packages yourself?  Or are they from
your distribution?

>>From what I have seen using Google, this may be because I have an older 
> version of glib in my link path.  I do have both glib-1.2.10 and glib2-2.4.0 
> installed and can't uninstall them.  The full link command (with libraries 
> separated for more easy viewing) is:

glib-1.2.10 shouldn't affect this at all.


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