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Geert Janssens janssens.geert at
Wed May 4 15:10:34 EDT 2005

For the interest of others on this list, I'll answer some of my own 

On Tuesday 3 May 2005 11:57, Geert Janssens wrote:
> Hi,
> 2. ddd as a graphical front-end is a bit distracting, because it is not
> really intuitive. I would much rather use another front-end. What do other
> people on this list use, apart from purely text based debugging ? Would it
> be possible to use Anjuta's built-in front end ?
I have figured out how to use the Anjuta's built-in front end:
* Start GnuCash devel build the usual way (in my 
case /opt/gnucash-g2/bin/gnucash)
* In Anjuta:
  - Start the debugger (and ignore the warning that no target is set)
  - Open a source file and start setting breakpoints
  - Choose Debug->Attach to Process... and select the guile proces for
    the devel build running
  - Choose continue execution in the toolbar
  - Happy hacking ...

> 3. So far I have been tracing the Invoice creation and editing in G2. I
> haven't been able (yet) to correct the crasher bug, but at least, I've
> learned a lot about the working of the ledger, register, and invoice
> mechanisms. However, my understanding of the gnome2 vs gnome1.x api
> differences is lacking. Is there some good documentation on the web that
> summarizes these differences well ? Some kind of a migration guide or such.
> I do have the api references, but there's rather elaborate, and don't
> really focus on what's different, but rather on what's in each api.
A simple google turned up a lot already. I could have tried this before 
polluting the list...

I'm still interested in the experiences of other developers though.


Geert Jan

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