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Geert Janssens janssens.geert at
Wed May 4 17:19:15 EDT 2005

On Tuesday 3 May 2005 15:16, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Hi,
> Geert Janssens <janssens.geert at> writes:
> > * As I'm stepping through the creation of the Invoice Edit window, I have
> > a display of the Invoice Datastructure that is to be used to create the
> > window. With every step I do in the source, I see that the values of
> > several of it's member pointers change (sometimes indicating address out
> > of bounds). Is this normal behaviour ? It makes it very hard to read the
> > values stored in there.
> This usually implies some level of optimization from your compiler.
> In particular, some objects and stack variables are not initialized
> when you step into a new function; instead they take a few additional
> instructions before they get fully initialized.
> If you see this while you're clearly in the middle of a
> function... THEN I would worry about it.
I still have to reverify, but as I remember well, these floating pointer 
addresses happened throughout the whole function, so it seems I have 
something to worry about. I asked, because I wondered wether this was maybe 
some clever gnome voodoo or something. I seems not...

> This is normal.  --enable-debug makes sure you have -g, but does not
> turn OFF optimization.  Did you manually remove the -O2?  Did you
> "make clean" after you made that change?  Did you "make install" after
> you finished the "make"?
I did remove the -O2 flag by calling make with environment variable CFLAGS set 
to the compiler flags mentioned before. This caused the whole project to be 
rebuilt, it even caused configure to rerun.
But I'm not sure about the make clean step. I'll retry.


Geert Jan

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