gdb command to decode guile SCM words?

Edward J. Huff ejhuff at
Thu May 5 14:19:17 EDT 2005

Surely someone has written an interface from gdb into guile
so that gdb can print out scheme data structures?

If you google for gdb guile you find references to a plan to 
use scheme as a scripting language for gdb, and on the
page you find

> GDB support for debugging Guile-using C code 
> GDB actually has some Scheme support in there; we should teach it how
> to print Scheme values, how to print interpreter frames, and so on. 
> This has been done in the past with a mixed GDB/Guile solution, but I
> think it would be more robust to actually put everything in GDB. 
> Negotiate design with the GDB group, so it can be merged into Cygnus's
> sources. 

Does anyone have a quick way to print out lists in gdb?  Right now
I'm looking at tags.h in the guile source and I can recognize
a heap address, an immediate string, and a few others, but it
is a pain.

--Ed Huff

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