file option-util.c: line 175: assertion `option->odb->set_selectable != NULL' failed.

Edward J. Huff ejhuff at
Fri May 6 08:27:49 EDT 2005

I'm working on this assertion failure in CVS head of two days ago, with
my changes to transaction.scm.  It came up after I had played around
with options and was opening the options dialog of the transaction

I've accounted for what was happening (it's not that hard to decode SCM
values and see the strings pointed to, and to find the contents of a
GHashTable), and it looks like there are many GNCOptionDB (a/k/a struct
gnc_option_db) structs which have the [gs]et_ui_value and set_selectable
fields zero, but which might be used with gnc_option_set_selectable.

The option being made selectable was "Primary Key".

I'm still working on it, but if anyone knows about this problem, please
let me know.

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