numbers in words

Christian Stimming stimming at
Fri May 6 05:44:12 EDT 2005


Nikos Charonitakis schrieb:
> I played a bit with scheme file and replacing english strings with
> greek words is ok for many cases but  not for all.

Yes, I would totally expect that a translated number-to-word-conversion 
is absolutely non-trivial. In many languages this feature isn't 
necessary anyway because cheques are no longer in use. I was quite 
surprised that you needed it here.

> I ll check it further and if  it is usable then i ll send a greek
> version here. Is it possible gnucash to call the greek file (if the
> system language is greek) or the user has to edit the original?

Do you need only the greek version and no longer the english one? Then 
the easiest for you would be to replace the original and that's it.

If you want to switch the scheme files according to the system's locale: 
This is possible but not quite easy. I implemented something similar for 
the "locale-specific taxes" (disabled by defaule). Grep for the 
precompiler defines LOCALE_SPECIFIC_TAX, in src/tax/us and 
src/report/locale-specific/us. For that implementation, you need the 
original scheme file (here: "txf.scm") and one locale-specific scheme 
file (here: "txf-de_DE.scm"), and depending on the locale either the 
original one or the modified one is loaded.


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