Database abstraction layer?

matt at matt at
Wed May 18 15:07:35 EDT 2005


I've just started using GnuCash a couple of days ago, and I'm impressed.
I've read that there's worry over the balace between GnuCash as personal
account software and business accounting software. As a small business
owner who's quite new to accounting, I think it serves both functions
very well at this point. Aside from a UK Tax TXF option, I can't think
of anything missing that I need.

Anyway, here's my question. I know that currently, SQL support is for
Postgres. Has there been any discussion of a database abstraction layer
being used instead, which would allow many different databases to be
used. Personally I'm a fan of MySQL (and SQLite, which could be used for
personal home users for storing to their local hard disk).

I've been coding for several years now but I'm very new to C, however I
do learn fast. If anyone could give me some tips as to the viability of
this idea, how long it'd take, or whether I should concentrate on
helping out with the Postgres backend instead, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks guys,
Matt :)

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