Database abstraction layer?

matt at matt at
Wed May 18 16:39:32 EDT 2005

Thanks for the info Derek. I'm really glad you share my enthusiasm for
using SQLite :) How likely is that to happen?

Do you have Matthew's email address, or could you send it to my email
address so I can contact him? I'd love to have this feature and help
maintain it with each release.

Many thanks,

Derek Atkins wrote:
> In short:  yes.
> Longer answer:  Someone (Matthew) has been working on a complete SQL-backend
> re-write in order to use a DB abstraction engine and to remove the PG-specific
> functionality so we can more easily migrate to other DBs.  For example, I want
> to use SQLite as the "default" backend (instead of XML).
> I have no idea how far along Matthew is, or how you can help him.
> -derek

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