QOF - Debian and OSX packaging

Neil Williams linux at codehelp.co.uk
Wed May 18 17:25:51 EDT 2005

Just a little note, I've fixed a few problems in the QOF CVS recently and it 
should now build a distribution direct from CVS.

I've created a test Debian package and a Mac OSX (Fink) package. Each builds 
correctly on the target platform (OSX 10.3, Debian unstable) and each 
validates against the common package checking tools for each platform, fink 
and lintian/linda. I'm liaising with the current Debian maintainer for QOF so 
that I can help out as co-maintainer. I intend to offer QOF for Fink fairly 
soon after the next QOF release.

Whilst the next release of QOF itself is a little way off yet (there's a bit 
more code to add to the backend), if anyone feels like working on a .spec 
file for an RPM or any other package format, feel free to use the CVS and do 
a few test builds.


If there are changes required to the main tarball, let me know - but 
package-specific files like the .spec, the OSX .info and the debian/ files 
won't be committed to the main tree.

Currently, CVS builds as qof-0.5.2 but I may jump to qof-0.6.0 for the next 
release and there may well be binary-incompatibility with existing qof-0.5.0  
code (testing at the moment) so the library version is likely to go to 1.0.0 
(as in current CVS).

A Pilot-QOF release will follow, which will depend on pilot-link 0.12 and QOF, 
probably before the G2 port is ready.

Providing qof-0.5.2 includes all the code from the current GnuCash src/engine 
and src/backend/qsf codebase, are there likely to be conflicts with G2 (or 
GnuCash 1.8?) on the same system? Will such conflicts only affect those 
developing both QOF and GnuCash?

Comments on the dependencies, conflicts, versioning, libraries, export of 
compiler cflags / libs, structure of the tarball and anything else - direct 
to me please.

On Debian, the package will be libqof1 and on OSX qof0. (Should this be 
synchronised?) libqof1 on Debian will replace libqof-0.5.0-1.



Neil Williams

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